Real-Time Map Widget

Easily embed a map on your website to show real-time data.

Image courtesy of NASA Visible Earth

What Does It Do?

The Real Time Map service can receive location data (Lat/Long or Zipcode) and display the data in real time on a map that can be installed as a widget on your website or mobile application.


The Real Time Map service can be used for a variety of applications. For example, a running website ( is using it to show the location of races where people are signing up. The ZipCode API ( shows the zip codes being called by hundreds of applications. In both cases, the website wants to demonstrate the amount of activity and popularity of their site. There are other use cases, such as showing the location of users of a mobile application, or the IP address location of users hitting a website.

Simple Setup

Setting up your map is easy! We have an API that allows you to tell us what to show on the map and we'll handle the rest.


You can customize the map to fit your website. You can adjust colors, delays, map size, etc.

Browser Support

We currently support newer browsers (Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari 6+, Opera, etc.).


Pricing is based on the number of map points you send to the API per hour and the maximum number of concurrent clients viewing the map.

Max Points/Hour Concurrent Clients Cost per Year
5,000 50 $99
25,000 250 $250
100,000 1,000 $1,000
1,000,000 10,000 $2,500

Get Started

To get started, you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Register — Set up an account with just your name, E-mail, and a password.
  2. Create a Map — This will give you widget code to put the map on your site as well as client keys you will use in your website or app to communicate with the Real Time Map API.
  3. Decide on your client code — We have examples in Node.js, PHP and C/C++.
  4. Your code will send JSON messages with Lat/Long or Zipcode to the service, along with parameters to customize your map, such as dot size and color, delay and duration.
  5. Implement the daemon server to improve performance.
  6. Deploy your map widget.
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